Posted by: patdavila | June 12, 2009

Tried out a Palm Pre for about 20 minutes

I went into the local Sprint store and got to play with a Palm Pre for about 20 minutes. In short it’s a very sweet and functional device. The interface is smooth as silk with a very responsive touch screen. The WebOS operating system is very impressive and will give the iPhone a solid run for it’s money. The phone itself is relatively small but with a big screen covering most of the surface of the phone. There’s a slide out keyboard with pretty small keys. The keyboard is probably the weakest part of the phone. It’s not as nice as the HTC G1’s keyboard but will suffice for simple texting. The real strength of the Palm Pre is the applications. There’s the usual email, web browsing and multimedia apps. They have a custom youtube interface and bunch of streaming video channels specially designed for the Pre. Now from what I’ve read regarding the operating system is that while it’s based on a Linux kernel is mostly closed source. The developer SDK is mostly a big secret at this point with a general roll out in the near future. For me this is a show stopper. I’m leaning towards getting an Android based phone in the near future. Google’s Android OS is much more open with the developer tools readily available for use. Regardless I think the Palm Pre will do very well going head to head with the iPhone. Competition is good and the very least Apple will be forced to improve their products and lower their historically high prices. We have some very interesting times ahead in the smart phone market. The fact that a ton of these products are running Linux under the hood is all the more sweeter.


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