Posted by: patdavila | June 26, 2009

Went Android this week

So I picked up a slightly used T-mobile G1 phone this week. I’ve been looking to get into the Android pool for some time. The phone was unlocked so I could of went to AT&T if I chose to. The only limitation with using the phone with AT&T is that you won’t get 3G speeds (limited to Edge). I checked the plan prices at AT&T and they only offer the same data plans they have for the iPhone. They won’t let you do pay as you go for the voice plan which I was doing with my old Motorola phone. So with AT&T it costs $70 a month for a voice/data plan. I went to the local T-mobile store and their basic plan is $55 ($29 for voice and $25 for unlimited data). If you have your own device you can do a pay as you go or just sign up for a yearly contract. The advantage of the yearly plan is you won’t get hit with the monthly $5 surcharge (required for pay as you go). The negative with the yearly is that you’ll get hit with a hefty fee ($200) if you leave early. At least you have a choice. Enough with the plans. The phone is great and so far I absolutely love it. HTC just announced 2 new Android phones that T-mobile will be offering very soon. Expect the cost of the G1 to drop below the current $150 price with a two year contract. In fact on Saturday night I was on the T-mobile website and noticed they had the phone listed for $49! The next day it was back up to $149. For $49 the phone is absolute steal. Keep your eyes peeled for that price again. I’ll go into more detail regarding the applications available in coming posts.


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