Posted by: patdavila | June 30, 2009

Some Cool Android Apps I’m using

O.K., I’ve had my G1 for few days now and have installed some applications for it. Some of the early standouts for me are ShopSavvy, Twidroid(identica and twitter client), Where, Qik, fIRC, ConnectBot, ASTRO, Amazon MP3, Jamendo, Backgrounds, WeatherBug, MetalDetector, Where, AndNav2,TipCalculator and Powermanager. The real standout which is head and shoulders above all others is ShoppSavvy. Basically it lets you scan in the bar code of any item using the camera and then it will go search for the best price either locally or from a web vendor. Absolutely cool. Even iPhone fan boys will get jealous over that. The music store applications for Amazon and Jamendo are both very good. ASTRO is a pretty nice and functional file manager. MetalDetect is very interesting. Somehow the developers have written a metal detector application for Android. I’d love to know how it really works. Where is a very useful as it provides a listing of services (movie times, weather forecast, gas prices, news, traffic reports) for the local area you happen to be in. Qik lets you stream video and have it available from your own page on Qik’s website. AndNav2 is a turn by turn GPS application. Currently it’s not available in Android Market if you’re in the U.S.. I downloaded it directly from it’s website and it seems to be currently setup for European users. This would be great considering the paid GPS navigation app costs $10 a month. Hopefully it will be rolled out to USA users soon. It seems like a really nice application that leverages the openstreetmap project’s work.


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