Posted by: patdavila | July 24, 2009

Being busy and stupid

I took some vacation time last week and enjoyed some nice time with the family. We didn’t leave home but took some day trips and did some local activities. For the last couple of week I’ve been enjoying a new 21.5″ LCD. Besides my laptop this is my first LCD monitor. I absolutely love the thing. Everything is so clear and crisp and the display is so easy on the eyes. Now that I’m getting old saving my eyesight is a concern especially when I’m in front of a computer for 12 hours a day. My old 17″ CRT was about 13 years old and starting to get slightly blurred. I wound up getting an Asus monitor for $160 from newegg. Well worth the cash. On to my other topic. I’ve had LinHES installed on my Mythbox since February. While it’s still considered beta software it has run well for me. I wanted to get my Hauppauge PVR-1212 working with it so I planned to go to the testing branch. I noticed there were even SVN packages in the LinHES repo. Instead of doing a testing build on a separate hard drive I took the lazy route and installed on my main drive. Big mistake. Upgrading to the SVN packages was easy enough and the only noticeable negatives at first were the limited themes available. Some of the customized tweaks in LinHES were gone from this version. I was able to add my PVR-1212 as a tuner and record HD off my cable box’s component connection. All seemed fine for the first 24 hours. I left the system on overnight to record some shows and awoke to a mess. My Mythbox had a message saying the frontend could not connect to the backend database. I’m pretty familiar with poking around mysql databases from the commandline so I wasn’t initially concerned. I was unable to get into the database at all. It was if my database’s password had been changed even though I was skeptical that the system was compromised. I came to the conclusion that I could of fixed the issue given enough time but it was probably just easier to re-install my system. So I moved off a couple recordings I haven’t had a chance to watch and nuked the system. I decided to give Mythbuntu 9.04 a try and the install was pretty painless. The base system was up in less than hour. The one thing I DO miss from LinHES is the menu option to shutdown/reboot the box from the remote. This is a feature that the other Myth specific distros should incorporate in their versions. A very basic thing that brings a nice level of polish that makes life easier for everyone. More on my adventures later.


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