Posted by: patdavila | July 31, 2009

Building a small factor Nvidia Ion based MythTV frontend

Zotac Ion
At last year’s CES show Nvidia unveiled the Ion platform. Small form factor boxes powered by Intel Ion processors and Nvidia mobile graphics cards capable of full 1080p h264 video playback! The key is that you can offload the video playback to the graphics card’s GPU. I currently have a Popcorn Hour A110 that’s a nice multimedia playback device. While I can watch my MythTV recordings on the PH via an NFS shared drive you don’t get the full MythTV experience (commercial skipping, scheduling, plugins, etc.). So I’ve been waiting to build an Nvidia Ion box. Based on various reports the initial Nvidia Ion offerings were mixed at best. Recently the Zotac Ionitx AU motherboard was reported to work well as both a MythTV frontend and as Boxee and Xbmc boxes. As a result these motherboards have been in short supply because of the high demand. Newegg has the motherboard for $209 and in stock for the last week or so. While Amazon has it listed for $189 but it wasn’t in stock. Through the grapevine I heard that Amazon was getting them in stock by the end of this week. So I took a chance because I’m stingy and pre-ordered it at Amazon. Last night I got the notification that they were in stock and my order was processed. Yeah! With the extra $20 I saved I can pickup a little more extra RAM and maybe get a remote for the new box. I also ordered the following case for it:

This thing is going to be uber quiet, small and draw very little power. More than likely I’ll videotape the unboxing, build and MythTV configuration for an upcoming MythTVCast episode. This should be fun.



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