Posted by: patdavila | August 12, 2009

Cost breakdown of the Zotac Ion MythTV frontend

Someone emailed me asking where I got the case for my new Zotac Ion MythTV frontend. I got the case from Mini-box which has a nice selection of components for building small form factor computers (both mini-atx and smaller). Here’s a full cost breakdown of the Zotac box:
Zotac Ion AU Motherboard with dual core N330 Intel Atom processor and integrated Nvidia graphics card – $189 from Amazon (with free shipping)
M350 micro case – $40 (+$10 shipping)
Used MCE 1039/1040 (also branded as a Dell OVU 4300) remote IR receiver/blaster – $17 on Ebay
4 gig (2×2 gig) Corsair memory – $46 from Newegg (with free shipping). 2 gig is probably more than enough
8 gig Crucial usb flash drive – $16 from Newegg (with free shipping)
Total cost of this build: $318

Yeah you can get a Popcorn Hour A-110 for $215 but it will not have all the features and goodness of MythTV. You can also throw XBMC or Boxee on this thing if you’re not interested in MythTV and just want a regular media playback device. Also, if you decide this whole multimedia home theater thing is not your cup of tea you can just make this thing a low powered “green” Linux workstation.


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