Posted by: patdavila | August 17, 2009

Linux podcast longevity, community and not in it for the money

Linux related podcasts come and go. People start producing their shows for various reasons. Some are in it to become “famous” and/or make some money off of it. Some people love the F/OSS community and just want to contribute in some way. It IS a great community. Who wouldn’t want to be part of it? People stop doing their podcasts because they become tired of it or real life just gets in the way. Some people just move on to other things. Regardless shows come and go. The Linux Link Tech Show has been producing podcasts for over 6 years now. We do the show not to be famous, not to make money or anything like that. We do it because we love using Linux and love sharing our experiences with other people. We love meeting people from the community and sharing what we have to offer. We’ve gone to the Ohio Linux Fest the past 3 years and plan to go again this year. The others guys went to the first ever Southeast Linux Fest this past June. What sets these conferences apart from Open Source World (formerly Linux World) is the community aspect. While these community centered conferences are growing exponentially the corporate oriented shows are dying on the vine. What’s the difference? The community oriented conferences are run and attended by people who WANT to be there. It’s not just a job requirement. Again people will continue doing what they do as long as it it interests them. I’ve been using Linux since around 1998/1999. It still interests me. I’m still excited telling people about it. I’m sure my TLLTS co-hosts feel the same way. For me TLLTS is about getting people excited about being part of something cool, interesting and fun. We plan to continue doing the show for a long long time. We are the cockroaches of Linux podcasts. We will be here after the coming zombie apocalypse.


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