Posted by: patdavila | August 24, 2009

MythTV 0.22 tentatively scheduled for release (last week of September)

Big news coming from the MythTV developer mailing list. MythTV 0.22 will be released the last week of September unless something major gets in the way. The developers will be going into a feature freeze on Sept. 7 and working on bug fixes prior to the official release. I have to say I’m very excited about this. MythTV 0.22 has some very major changes/improvements.
Let me list the really important ones:
Migrating to Qt4 as the underlying graphical widget toolkit. Some people have criticized the MythTV developers for not keeping up with the visual bling of other projects (Boxee, XBMC). You will see massive improvements by the migration to Qt4. New fancy themes/skins will be coming to the forefront
VDPAU supported out of the box. This is huge. Being able to play 1080p HD h264 videos on underpowered machines is amazing. Trust me on this one.
Hauppauge HD-PVR (1212) capture device supported out of the box. Finally a stable MythTV release to support this next generation HD capture device. Expect sales of this box to get a major bump as MythTV users migrate to it as their primary capture method.
Improved channel scanning for digital capture devices. With the digital tv transition complete (in the U.S.) and other countries doing the same more and more people are going all digital for their TV. Improved support and performance is very important
You can read more about MythTV 0.22 in the release notes. Now I’m curious which of the MythTV specific Linux distributions (Mythbuntu, LinHES, Mythdora) will be the first to integrate 0.22 into an official release?


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