Posted by: patdavila | August 31, 2009

10 Reasons why Identica is cooler/better than Twitter

Identica doesn’t have spam. Spam from companies. Spam from posters being forced to spam their contacts for some stupid contest
Identica can survive a denial of service attack. During a recent attack on the internet Identica kept humming along while Twitter and Facebook ground to a halt. Identica follows a distributed model
Identica is completely open. Anybody can download an install the software to run their own Identica (Laconica) server. Twitter is closed software
All the cool people are on Identica. I’m a member of the F/OSS community and like to communicate with my peers. Do I really care about what book Oprah is recommending this week? Do I really care what Ashton Kutcher has to say? No, not really
Identica is licensed under AGPL and all the user content is under Creative Commons attribution
Identica won’t sell your user information to third parties. Twitter openly sells your information to whoever they please
Twitter has suffered from some major security vulnerabilities (user accounts being compromised)
Identica supports tagging within posts
Identica allows you to follow a conversation on a single page. No other service currently supports this
Identica supports bookmarklets


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