Posted by: patdavila | September 8, 2009

Hacked my G1 and put the cyanogen rom on it

I’ve had my G1 since June and absolutely love the Android operating system. The fact that it has a Linux kernel and is open source software is the icing on the cake. While the G1 is great it still is the first Android phone and has some limitations. Besides the battery life the only real negative of the G1 is that you only have 256 meg of internal memory to install applications into. I’ve hit the max amount of applications I can install. While Google pushed out the 1.5 revision of Android a few months ago there is no guarantee that 2.0 or beyond will keep supporting the G1. There are tons of newer Android phones hitting the market that leave the G1 in the dust as far as capabilities. There are a bunch of programmers out there who are creating their own customized versions of Android and making them available. The advantages of these images is that they often exceed the capabilities of the official ROM images. One of the most popular is created by a developer by the name of cyanogen. His website has links to his customized Android ROM images plus some very useful utilities he’s written. Installing a third party ROM image means backing up your current image, rooting the phone and wiping clean your phone. This is probably the best how-to I’ve seen around on how to do this along with some videos of the entire process. The entire process didn’t take very long. I recently purchased a 16 gig sdhc card for the phone and put a 5 gig ext4 partition on it. The cyanogen image now automatically places all installed applications into this partition. The amount of apps I can install has now increased by 20x. You can still purchase and use paid applications with this customized image. Another cool benefit of having a rooted phone is I can tether my laptop to my phone and to access the internet. There are also bits of Android 2.0 incorporated into the latest cyanogen ROM image. The only real negative is that you won’t be getting updates through t-mobile. Not a big deal if the rumors of the G1 not longer being supported in upcoming Android releases are true.


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