Posted by: patdavila | September 22, 2009

Finally got vpnc working!

For the longest time I’ve been using the CiscoVPN client for Linux to connect to my job’s vpn when working from home. It functions o.k. but there are some annoyances. Every time a new Linux kernel came down the pipe you had to rerun the installer script. It basically creates new kernel modules compiled with the newly installed Linux kernel. Also Cisco doesn’t seem to update the Linux version of their client very often and there are some issues on newer kernels. People in the community have provided patches that generally work. It’s just a hassle that Cisco doesn’t seem to care about it’s users who happen to run Linux. One other annoyance is that once the vpn is running you can’t even access your home directory through your file manager. VPNC runs in user space so no new kernel modules are required every time you upgrade your kernel. Also I can still access my home folder without a problem. The only issue I’ve encountered is this known bug where you get a resolv.conf error after using vpnc the first time. Simply following this workaround fixed the issue.This is a huge win.
Bye bye Ciscovpn!


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