Posted by: patdavila | October 14, 2009

My very late OLF report

I know OLF was a couple weeks back but I never got around to talking about it. As usual it was an absolute blast. Lots of cool people and good conversations all around. I led both the Android and MythTV birds of a feather sessions. Me and Dan Frey recorded the MythTV BOF and released it as an episode of the MythTVCast. Unfortunately I did not get to see Dann Washko’s talk on the Linux boot process. I hear he did an excellent job. This shouldn’t be surprising as Dann used to always give very presentations at Lehigh Valley LUG meetings. This was my fourth year in a row going to OLF. Honestly if I come back for the 5th I think I want to do a presentation. Otherwise I might pass on it. I definitely want to got to the Southeast Linux Fest next June in S.Carolina. I can only go to so many Linux conferences. My job won’t send me to Linux conference so I have to use up my vacation time. We streamed live again this year from OLF and I was able to get 3 episodes completed with all the material we had. So far the feedback on these episodes has been very positive. People have complemented me on the content as well as the audio quality of the shows. It’s very satisfying getting positive feedback from listeners regarding these episodes since I handled the production duties. I think everyone was most shocked at how well Dann behaved this year. He was under some major pressure to be on his best behavior once he was selected as a speaker. OLF is a great conference. So many great talks and just a great general atmosphere from being around other Linux geeks. The Linux community does not disappoint.


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