Posted by: patdavila | October 22, 2009

Upgraded to MythTV 0.22 a little sooner than I planned

I’ve been running Mythbuntu 9.04 (MythTV 0.21) using the Avenard repo’s to get the VDPAU goodness for some time now and have been very happy. Yesterday the system updater ran and decided to pull down the 0.22 RC1 packages in the Avenard repository. During the upgrade I got a message stating “your DBSchema is 20 versions old. Do you want to upgrade?”. I click yes and the database update craps out along the way. On subsequent attempts I get the same message. I posted this message on the mythtv-users mailing list and a short time later I was presented with a workaround that fixed the issue (thanks to Michael Dean). I then reran mythtv-setup and my system was now functioning with 0.22! The new Terra theme is very nice but is very different than the existing themes. The side scrolling menus take a little bit getting use to. VDPAU is turned on by default now and continues to deliver with HD playback goodness (with minimal CPU load). I did notice a bug in Mythmusic where the frontend crashes when deleting existing playlists. I was able to reproduce the same bug two more times with the same result. Yes, I have filed a bug ticket in the MythTV bug tracking system. Another odd thing I noticed was while playing the sample h264 HD recordings made with the PVR-1212. For some reason when the playback starts it’s in 3x speed. Simply clicking the right arrow (as to skip ahead) resets the playback to the beginning of the file at normal speed. Mind you 0.22 is not final and there are some bugs being addressed by the developers. I hear they’re planning to get this completed prior to the release of Karmic Koala at the end of next week. I also upgraded my Ion frontend box to 0.22 as frontend and backends have have to all be on the same version. I’ll post any other odd things that pop up as I use it. While I was originally planning on not upgrading until 0.22 was officially released I have to say it’s pretty sweet to finally have it running on my machines.


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