Posted by: patdavila | December 2, 2009

A couple peripherals for my Zotac Ion frontend

One of the results of the big move to Mythbuntu 9.10 and MythTV 0.22 is that I moved my main MythTV system down to the mancave. Conversely I migrated my Zotac Ion box up to the family room. Currently I have a 32″ Panasonic SDTV. While the TV is almost 10 years old it still works pretty well and I have no plans to throw it out. As with most SDTVs my input connection choices are limited to composite, s-video or component. My Zotac box has vga, DVI or HDMI. Now there are converter plugs on the market that sell for less than $10 that have vga on one end and either composite or s-video on the other. This will not work unless your video card supports it. So you’ll have to get a vga to composite/s-video conversion box. I wound up purchasing the Sewell PC to TV converter for $35:
Sewell converter
The device works as advertised and down scales my HD video so it’s viewable on a SDTV. Now when I get around to getting a nice new HDTV in the family family I can just connect my Zotac box via an HDMI connection. Awesome. Another sweet device for my Zotac Ion box is this nice HTPC wireless keyboard from Adesso
Newegg had the keyboard for sale at a pretty good price on Black Friday. A bunch of the multimedia keys (volume, mute, etc.. ) work right out of the box without any futzing around.



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