Posted by: patdavila | January 7, 2010

Upgrading Mythbuntu packages (post installation)

During the last MythTVCast one of our listeners asked about getting updated MythTV packages post installation on his Mythbuntu system. I commented that “if it works for you don’t fix it”. Robert McNamara (one of the Myth devs) immediately commented that I should enable the nightly autobuilds as described here. You download a package that enables the repos. It will ask you if you want stable and/or testing. Select stable (0.22) and then select your local mirror. I then did an ’sudo apt-get update’ which immediately triggered the update manager. I then upgraded 33 packages (majority of them MythTV related). I rebooted and everything seems to functioning fine. I then did the same for my Ion based frontend and haven’t had any problems. So Rob, thanks for the information. I’ll mention this during the next MythTVCast recording. Robert pointed out that Mythbutnu 9.10 shipped with a pre-release version of MythTV 0.22 and these autobuilds contain many important fixes that are now considered ’stable’. If that’s the case shouldn’t these packages be included in the Ubuntu repositories of 9.10 by default? Maybe I’m missing something here. Regardless I can recommend this method to getting the fixes in your Mythbuntu 9.10 system.


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