Posted by: patdavila | April 12, 2010

One month with the Nexus One

It’s been a little over one month since getting my Nexus One phone. So far I’m absolutely loving this thing. It has not let me down once. The G1 was a nice introduction to Android and in general smart phones for me. I’ve previously talked about some of the flaws of the G1 but honestly the Nexus takes the good things and makes them so much better. The Nexus One is insanely faster than the G1. I’m talking about an exponential bump in speed. The 800×480 screen is crystal clear and everything looks absolutely great on it. Navigating through the interface is extremely quick and responsive. Having a standard audio jack is such a nice thing to have after dealing with usb to audio converters with the G1. The battery life on the Nexus One is actually pretty damn good. Another area where the Nexus is head & shoulders above any other phone I’ve seen is 3D acceleration. To really appreciate this feature try the following applications:
Raging Thunder 2 – auto racing game
Speed Forge 3D – hovercraft racing game
Cuboid – rubix cube game

Game emulation is also very good on the Nexus. I’ve run game roms from Sega Genesis, Super NES and even Amiga. They all played superbly. The camera on the Nexus One is 5 megapixel with a flash and the picture quality is very good. So good that I now use it as my main camera for the most part. The camera in conjunction with the new gallery application make photo management with Picasa a joy to use. I actually don’t mind taking pictures and sharing them with other people. The whole photo software stack makes it very simple to do. I haven’t yet tried recording videos with the phone. That’s the next thing on my list of things to do with the Nexus One. In my opinion the Nexus One is the nicest smart phone on the market. I’m a bit biased but I can’t help enjoying watching the iPhone owners I know try it out and get jealous of it.



  1. I have sprint and currently a Palm Pre… most disappointing device ever. I will either be getting the nexus or htc evo. Evo sounds enticing 4g… and hdmi out… How is the battery life on the nexus? will it last all day?

    • I played around with it in the store for a bit and it seemed like a decent device. The problem is they didn’t get enough developers writing applications for it.

  2. Ditto! The Nexus One is an excellent device. I could not be happier with mine.

  3. Thanks for the review, Pat. Considering the Nexus One if I stay w/T-Mobile. Will be moving soon, however, so I may end up on Sprint and if that happens, I’m looking at the hero.

  4. Just purchased my Nexus One this morning. It’s currently in Indiana.. hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow.

    • Congrats. You’ll love it man.

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