Posted by: patdavila | May 14, 2010

QNAP TS-419P NAS storage device review


For the last several years I’ve been using my old workstation as a storage/web server. It was an Ubuntu server setup that had a RAID1 array with 2 500 gig hard drives mirroring each other. While the setup worked fine I was looking for something that was much more low powered and flexible from a storage standpoint. I know a lot of people like Drobo boxes but I researched them a bit and talked to some of my Linux friends and the overall the consensus seems to be they are very proprietary and not that Linux friendly. I did however find a NAS product sold by a company called QNAP. QNAP is pretty open of the fact that they use an embedded form of Linux to run on their hardware. They appear to be abiding by the GPL by printing the GPL in their user manual as well as making the source code available to their firmware. You can also find documentation on their wiki on how to build the firmware with the source code. Setting up the NAS was pretty easy and they even include Linux specific instructions in their manual and quick start guide. I wound up buying a third 500 gig HD and going to a RAID5 setup. Basically it combines 2 drives as 1 TB disk with the third drive acting as a backup if one of the other two fail. In the future I can replace each disk to a larger hard drive and the file system is seamlessly migrated to the new disk without any data loss. Pretty impressive stuff. I can also migrate to a RAID6 setup simply by adding a fourth hard drive. Besides basic storage you can even install a bunch of different applications such as Asterisk, home video monitoring, online backup, bitorrent and a media server. QNAP has put together a really slick web based interface for administering their NAS products. In about 2 minutes I was able to setup a backup job to copy my files on a monthly basis to my Amazon S3 account. So far I’m very happy with the device. It compares very well against the Drobo products and the fact that it’s all Linux based makes it even more sweeter.



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