Posted by: patdavila | May 26, 2010

Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 (Froyo)

So I’ve had a couple days of using Android 2.2 and I’m still loving it. One of the most controversial technologies these days is Adobe’s Flash. Flash is very pervasive on the internet for both video content as well as casual gaming for both children and adults. I know about the children part as I’m the father of two young kids who love playing games on web sites geared towards them (Sesame Street, PBS kids, Nick Jr., Lego, etc.). Almost all of the games on said websites are flash based. A lot of people agree that Flash is a complete resource hog and should be purged out of existence. HTML5 shows a lot of promise but it still has some issues to work out. A bigger question is which video codec/framework will become the future defacto standard for the internet. Apple claims to be the champion for HTML5 but they want h264 to be the video codec of choice. Interestingly enough Apple has a vested interest in h264 so their motives are pretty clear. As part of this they’ve declared war on Adobe and vow to never allow flash on iPhones or iPads. As a result Adobe has allied itself with Google against Apple. A benefit of this alliance is that Flash 10.1 is now available on newer Android devices (Droid, Nexus One, Incredible, EVO) running Android 2.2. I’m pretty much in complete agreement with this article’s assessment of Flash 10.1 on Android. It’s a little slow to start up but works pretty well once it gets going. It doesn’t seem to suck the battery any worse than other applications playing video. It’s definitely a good initial release that should improve as time goes by. Being able to enjoy more video content on my mobile device is generally a good thing. I have to admit I felt pretty good after an iPhone owner I know said to me “is that flash video on Android?”. If it’s another thing to hold over the head of Apple Kool Aid drinkers than I’m all for it.


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