Posted by: patdavila | May 27, 2010

Ubuntu One Disappointment

Unlike some people in the F/OSS community I was actually excited when I heard Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) was going to have an online music store. I love the Magnatune and Jamendo music stores but honestly sometimes I do want to purchase music from big name mainstream artists. Having more choice is a good thing. The more the merrier. I decided to try it out for the first time a couple weeks ago. In Rhythmbox you can browse and listen to music clips and then purchase them. What’s suppose to happen next is that the music will automatically get moved into your Ubuntu One shared folder and sych to your desktop folder. Well that did not happen. The only way to access my newly purchased music was to log into Ubuntu One via a web browser and download each track separately. Why did Canonical roll out this service with such a glaring bug was present? Were they so hard up for cash that they decided to start selling no matter what? This is a glaring failure in my opinion. Why not hold off for a month or two to work out all the bugs then roll out the service when it was 100% functional? A bad first experience like this will stay in people’s memories and possibly mean diminished sales in the future. Not smart. I became even more disappointed with Canonical when I learned that their first smartphone client for the Ubuntu One service was going to be for the iPhone. How can they justify catering to one of the most closed source products/companies in the world ahead of open source competitors? I’m very disappointed in you Canonical.



  1. Well I don’t know the service works very well for me. Make sure that the Ubuntu One service starts when your system boots. Because I purchased music from there and it uploaded all the files to my Ubuntu One Account and then it actually synchronized it will all my PC which are associated with the service without the need for me to do anything.

    • I’m glad it works for you. Ubuntu One is setup properly on 2 of my machines. Everything else synchs up perfectly except the music store folders. Its a known bug that many others have reported.

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