Posted by: patdavila | June 30, 2010

My late Southeast Linux Fest roundup

Sorry for the late posting on my experiences at the second annual Southeast Linuxfest but here it goes. I was planning on getting up at 3:00 AM and driving down to Dan Frey’s and then swinging down near Philly to pick up the lastknowngod. Unfortunately I overslept but eventually got out of my house by 5:00 AM and were on our way. The drive down to South Carolina was mostly uneventful. We hit the usual traffic near Washington DC but eventually made it to Spartanburg around 4:00 PM. We checked into our rooms and went down to hotel bar where Dann Washko and Chad Wollenberg had a huge head start on everyone else. Eventually we decided to head over to the sushi bar across the street. On the way out the door of the hotel we ran into Claudio Miranda and his buddy Julio who drove up from Miami. The sushi bar was a lot of fun as we got to catch up with some old friends. A bit later myself and Dann Washko headed over to the speaker dinner. I had a chance to eat dinner with Maddog Hall, a couple of the Digium guys, Tarus Balog from OpenNMS and Keith from the Open Invention Network. The conversation was excellent and my steak dinner was delicious. Next up was the pre-party. I was shocked at the very decent selection of beer at the pre-party. I didn’t get too crazy but it was still a great time nonetheless. Saturday rolled around and we setup our table in a far off corner of a far off hallway away from the main corridor. I wasn’t too crazy of the location but it wasn’t the end of the world either. I was able to catch a couple of talks and they were quite enjoyable. Many people came by our table to chat with us. We were quite busy the whole day selling t-shirts and giving raffle tickets away for our big drawing at the end of the day. In the afternoon I headed to hotel bar to watch the USA vs England World Cup match which ended up in a 1-1 draw. I was surprised at how many Linux geeks blew off the conference to come watch the game. After the keynote on Saturday about 20 of us headed over to Carolina BBQ for some dinner. I had the “3 meat fatman special” of pulled pork, chopped chicken and spare ribs. All were absolutely delicious. Saturday night I took it easy as I was speaking the next day. On Sunday it seemed the attendance was much lower than Saturday which was a shame because there were some great talks. My talk was at 2:00 PM and it went off very well. I thought I would of run out of gas since it was scheduled to be 2 hours long. Surprisingly time just flew by up there and the audience was great. All of the talks were recorded and will be available for viewing/listening at some point. Immediately after my talk we left and I made it into my bed at 4:00 AM after a very long and tiring drive home. I think the organizers overall did a fantastic job. Big props to Dave Yates, Jeremy Sands and the entire crew. In the future I think they should scale it back a bit. Having so many great speakers to choose from in five simultaneous tracks is a bit daunting. Maybe they should go to three tracks instead? Regardless SELF is a fantastic event and I highly recommend it to noobies and experienced Linux people alike. There’s so much goodness to choose from it’s insane. It was great to have the TLLTS crew in one place again and see so many old and new friends in person. Good times.



  1. It was great finally meeting you and the rest of the TLLTS gang. Definitely looking forward to joining you all and the rest of the FLOSS community once again at SELF 2011! 🙂

  2. Claudio. It was great seeing old friends and meeting many in person who’ve known online for some time now. Next year I gotta fly especially if they move it to Charleston. I’m getting old 😉

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