Posted by: patdavila | December 27, 2010

Archos 101 Internet Tablet Review: Part 1 – hardware

Archos 101
The Archos 101 Android based internet tablet is now available for $299 in the U.S.. I’ve had mine for about a week now and have some initial likes and dislikes. First I want to discuss the hardware. Can a sub $300 device compare well with an Apple i-Pad or Samsung Galaxy Tab? Surprisingly yes. Archos has been in the media player business for some time now and in general their devices are well thought out and ergonomic.

Hardware likes:

  • Device is not too heavy. It’s much lighter than similar sized devices
  • The screen is nice and bright and has a nice resolution
  • has a full sized usb port on it
  • has a mini hdmi connection to connect to an HDTV
  • internal 8GB storage, microSD slot for up to 32GB added storage
  • front facing camera for video chat
  • kickstand to stand up the tablet on your desktop. Brilliant. Why no one other tablet has one is pretty puzzling. Perfect for using it as a digital picture frame when not active
  • stereo speakers are nice and loud
  • Hardware dislikes:

  • the screen is an absolute fingerprint magnet. On a smaller device it’s not as noticeable. Any lcd screen cleaner should work nicely to fix that.
  • the front facing camera is not the greatest quality. It’s ok for video chat but not for taking pictures
  • some kind of trackball or pointer would of been nice. Will go into detail when I talk about software and day to day tasks
  • device is mostly plastic though it seems pretty sturdy. There is a metal border around the screen.
  • to charge the device it has to be initially turned on
  • For the price I think the Archos 101 measures up pretty favorably to other devices in this form factor. The Viewsonic gTablet is roughly $100 more expensive. In my next post I’ll get into my likes and dislikes regarding Archos’ Android implementation and how the software side of things stacks up.



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