Posted by: patdavila | January 6, 2011

Archos 101 Internet Tablet Review: Part 3 – Daily Use

Now that I’ve had the Archos 101 for a couple weeks I’d like to discuss what I like using it for. The Archos seems to float between the family room and my bedroom. Generally in the family room we leave it plugged in and on with the photo slide show continuously running. The photo album application has some nice transitions and works as well as any dedicated digital picture frame. The kitchen in my house is right next to the family room. More than once the Archos has made its way into the kitchen and used for recipe reference while cooking. Streaming my MythTV videos around the house via UPnP is an absolute no brainer. The tablet detected my MythTV system right out of the box and works very well. Old school gaming on this device is simply awesome. Android has a wealth of emulators (NESoid, SNESoid, SGENoid, UAE4Droid, Gameboid) and access to tons of ROMS. I recently picked up a Wiimote game controller and it works very well on Android devices via the Wiimote controller application. Most of the emulators I listed are capable of using the wiimote as a game controller. This past weekend I had family over and the kids were literally fighting each other to get in line to try some old school gaming on the Archos 101. It’s a lot of fun. Plug in the Archos 101 to your HDTV via the hdmi connection and you now have a complete old school gaming system. The sound is even piped into the tv via the hdmi cable. Big win when you take into consideration that the more expensive Android tablets (Viewsonic gtablet & Samsung Galaxy Tab) require you to purchase a multimedia doc to get an hdmi out connection. As I mentioned in my previous post the kickstand on the Archos 101 is such a great idea. The fact that no other tablet manufacturer has implemented one so far is kinda mind blowing. Another area where the Archos 101 excels at is as indoor Ebook reader. Aldiko and the Kindle app work exceptionally well on a device with a bigger screen. Comics look absolutely stunning. I’m tempted to start buying electronic comics to have the excuse to use the Comics application. So far I’m very happy with the Archos 101. I like using it whenever I can. More expensive devices may have nicer displays but for $299 you get a nice mix of good hardware and a very capable version of Android out of the box. It’s by no means perfect but definitely very usable and tweakable. A solid purchase for the price.

Words of advice: Definitely check out in person any device you’re seriously considering purchasing if you can.



  1. Hi Pat

    I’m enjoying your blog series on your Archos 101 tablet. Thanks.

    I use UPnPlay app on my Nexus One to list my MythTV recordings. I then try to view them with VPlayer Beta. The audio is not in-sync and the video stutters.

    What apps are you using on your Archos 101 tablet to list and playback your MythTV recordings? Are the recordings SD, 720p, or 1080i? Any playback issues?

    Thanks, PLA

    • I’m watching archived standard definition videos via the custom Archos video player. No syncing issues whatsoever. My wireless setup is not fast enough for pushing HD video

  2. Some ideas for Part 4 of your series 😉

    Have you tried 720p mkv’s via Rockplayer? Maybe you can copy them to the internal card for testing…

    I would only use it if visiting friends and wanting to show off Android 😉

    Also, do you use a custom / rooted rom? What about apps like Titanium Backup, etc. Is the flash accelerated or not…

    How well does running the MythTV scheduling interface over HTTP work on it?

    Can you manage your transmission / jdownloader downloads from it.

    Access to your Network Shares over SAMBA using CIFSManager.

    Is there A NFS client?

    You need any more????

  3. Hi Pat,

    I suppose PDF e-books are supported by Archos 101. I wonder if sheet music will be readable in this device? How about music notation software – are there Android apps for this?

    • Phillip,
      Haven’t done anything with musical notation. The only musical notation apps on the Android marketplace are paid apps. Not sure if they’re any good.

  4. I have just purchased the Archos 101 internet tablet. When i try to use the usb keyboard included with the cover the hard keyboard will not work! Please help 🙂


    • Sorry, I no longer own the Archos. I would recommend going to the xda-developers forum for an answer.

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