Posted by: patdavila | February 1, 2011

Upgraded my Android phone to a Mytouch 4G (HTC Glacier)

I’ve had my Nexus One phone for around a year and for the most part really enjoyed using it. I’ve also enjoyed getting updates to Android before any other Android phone on the market. The only negative aspect is the limited on-board memory. On occasion towards the end of the day I might get a popup dialog saying I was running low on system memory. Recently my wife requested me to pick her up an Android based phone. Initially I was thinking of just picking up one of the low/middle level Android phones available for around $50. The LG Optimus L is pretty well rated. I would have to upgrade my plan on T-Mobile to a “Family Plan” with shared minutes between the 2 phones. I went to the T-Mobile store near my office and found out they were doing a buy one get one special for all their phones. Now I’ve checked out all of the Android phones and currently the best one being offered by T-Mobile is the Mytouch 4G. While it is not staggeringly more powerful than my Nexus One it does offer the following improvements:

  • more than 1 gig of internal memory available
  • slightly more crisper display than the Nexus One
  • front facing camera to do video chat via Qik
  • improved battery life
  • what T-Mobile calls 4G speeds
  • All the improvements over the Nexus One are nice but the most noticeable improvement is the overall network speed. With my Nexus One I was getting about 2 Mbit down and about 1 Mbit up in good conditions. With the Mytouch 4G I’m getting about 5.5 Mbit down and 2 Mbit up. While T-Mobile advertises this as 4G it really is HSPA+ which is technically more like 3.5G. As far as I can tell this is the fastest available mobile speed in my area. At my office myself and several of my co-workers compared our mobile carriers’ speed by using the Speed Test application. We compared my phone’s speed against an iPhone on AT&T and an HTC Incredible on Verizon. The Mytouch 4G on T-Mobile won handily. It wasn’t even close. I’ve had the phone for a couple weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. The phone is very well built and feels like a tank compared to the Samsung Nexus S with it’s somewhat flimsy plastic case. The video chat works with the only requirement being both parties have to be registered with Qik. I highly recommend the phone to anybody.



    1. So, did you give the Nexus One to your wife? What did she end up with if you had a 2 for one deal?

      • We both have Mytouch 4G phones. I’m selling the Nexus One on Ebay

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