Posted by: patdavila | November 6, 2011

Upgraded family computer to Ubuntu 11.10

In the past couple of weeks I upgraded the family computer to Ubuntu 11.10. This was the first release that the family got to experience Unity for the first time. The kids were o.k. as they’re pretty flexible. My wife on the other hand absolutely hated Unity and insisted I switch to a desktop that’s closer to Gnome 2.*. I wound up putting XFCE on it and she was happy. Everything seems to running without any issues. The only minor thing I had to deal with is that tsclient is no longer supported in 11.10. For anyone who uses a vpn for work and needs to access a windows box it’s a minor problem. I found an application similar to tsclient called remmina. The configuration is actually easier than tsclient. I’ve held off upgrading the Mythbuntu boxes in the house as there’s no reason to do so at this point. MythTV is currently at 024.1 and everything is running fine. I’ll upgrade once MythTV is upgraded to 0.25.


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